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Director of Food for Life Global and the author of the best selling book, FOOD YOGA - Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul.

New Food for Life Documentary released – Uniting the World Through Pure Food


The world’s largest plant-based food relief has a unique mission – the solution for world peace. This new documentary features some of the primary feeding programs the charity has around the world, including the Food for Life Annamrita midday meal project that feeds school children across India. Currently Food for Life Global affiliates serve up to 3 million meals… Read More »

Food for Life in New Zealand making positive changes in the community


Food for Life in the Northern Island of New Zealand received two glowing articles in the Whangarei Leader. One article featured volunteer Vanessa Hodgon who has served at the FFL kitchen for the last 18 months, while the other reported on the Corrections’ Vegetable Garden that supplies the FFL kitchen and the Salvation Army food bankReporter Penelope McConnell wrote:“Last Tuesday they were… Read More »

FFL Annamrita’s food dispatch process is something to admire


Everyday, 258 cooks prepare wholesome meals in 20 Annamrita kitchens and 301 vehicles carry hope and promise to over a million children in 6288 schools across India.After the raw materials have been procured, the rice cleaned and the cooking completed, the next challenge is the dispatch process. How to get so many meals out to the… Read More »

Food for Life Annamrita receives Best Club Partner NGO Award


The Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town honoured FFL Global affiliate, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) with PP Mohan Shahani Trophy for the “Best Club Partner NGO”, appreciating its contribution to the underprivileged children. Rotary president, Mr. James Brunner handed the award to Dr. Radhakrishna Das, Administrative Advisor of ISKCON Food Relief Foundation. Acting Continuously for Hunger… Read More »

Food Yogi, FFL Director on Healthy You TV show


Director of Food for Life and “food yogi”, Paul Rodney Turner was the special guest cook on Healthy You TV last week on FPA Channel 10 in Virginia. He made spicey potato parathas, raw mango/goji berry chutney and a raw vegan peppermint, chocolate chip ice cream. Food Yogi on the Healthy You TV show (30 mins)Behind the Scenes… Read More »

The power of food to unite all people


If there is one thing absolute in this world it is that food has the power to unite. And the recent floods that devastated parts of the Balkans is a case in point. People from all ethnicities are reaching out to help their “brothers” and “sisters.”Using the purest food (prasadam) to create peace and unity… Read More »

Food for Life begins food distribution for flood victims


Food for Life volunteers in Bosnia began distributing hot vegan meals in the towns, Vogošče and Svrake and nearby villages in cooperation with local authorities. The floods that have engulfed Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina have left behind a wasteland, causing more than 2,000 landslides. Huge buildings in the village of Sericite, near the city of Zenica disappeared in… Read More »

FFL teams respond to tsunami-like floods in Bosnia and Serbia


Dozens of people are feared dead in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Serbia after the worst floods in 120 years. Tens of thousands fled their homes as heavy rain fell creating tsunami-like flooding and causing rivers to burst their banks. In the higher lands, the torrential downpour caused landslides that buried houses. In the Bosnian town of Doboj,… Read More »

Russian FFL team develop “Auto-Kitchens”


Russian Food for Life Foundation have developed a customised camper van for emergency food relief, called “Auto-kitchens.” The principle sponsor of the project was Major Cargo Services, represented by President Alexei Ponomarev and Denis Chepurov of of Studio Artpremium for designing the  vans. Food for Life Global affiliates have been involved in some of the world’s biggest… Read More »