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Thanks for your interest to start a Food for Life project and become affiliated with Food for Life Global.

Here is the FFL starter kit

PASSWORD FOR Private Page: Prasadam

You can download all the files after a donation of $79. There are 14 files included in the kit.
FFL Manual (2nd Edition)
FFL Global Rep Guidelines
The 10 Ingredients of Success
Pure Vegetarianism Brochure
Best Prasadam Quotes
How to Raise a lot of Money Now
HK FFL logo
HK FFL logo (illustrator)
Food for Life Volunteer Handbook
Food for Life Affiliate Standards
FFLG Affiliate Logo
FFL Media Kit
FFL Information Brochure
FFL Sample Constitution

Comment on My journey with Food for Life – A summary of 30 years of Service by drew bonsall dhruva maharaj das Thu, 23 Jan 2014 14:00:35 +0000 Hare krsna

I’m writing this letter to ask for advice on possible starting a prasdam dist in denver colorado I have 22 foot long catering truck that was planning fixing up it needs about 20 thousand doller jump start I have been resident of denver colorado iskcon community I would like to do midmeal program for college students I would charge donation and I would do free feeding once or twice week mainly with ederly and kids teenager age group if u have an ideas commentes instruction please help
Thank you
Hare krsna