Food for Life Standards

Cleanliness of Mind and Body

With roots in India’s Vedic culture, the Food for Life program was founded on the highest standards of purity in mind and body.

Food for Life prides itself on the quality of food we serve. Not only is the food healthy for the body, but we strongly believe it is spiritually nourishing as well. How so? Because all food prepared by our trained volunteers is done with the conviction that food is a conveyor of the most subtle energy – our thoughts and feelings, and is therefore a conduit for expressing our sincere love and concern for the people we serve.

Furthermore, since all food is a gift from the earth, it is imperative that our head cooks first make an offering of the meal to God before it is served to the public. The thought energy that goes into a meal is just as important as the physical ingredients. Food for Life volunteers and food yogis do not even taste the food they prepare, but rather rely on intuitive cooking, so that the meals are made without even a tinge of selfish motivation.

With the greatest respect and care, therefore, Food for Life volunteers gather ingredients and prepare food knowing that the first sample of the meal they will prepare will be purified by mantras (prayer). The standards for offering a sample of the meal can vary according to time, place and personal preference. There is no restriction in performing the offering meditation to any bona-fide form of God (Krishna, Christ, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, etc.)

For more information on the offering meditation, see FOOD YOGA

Rules of Conduct

All Food for Life volunteers must adhere to the following rules of conduct while engaged in service with Food for Life:

  • Only the purest ingredients are to be used in the meals;
  • No dairy, eggs, meat, fish, or any animals ingredients are to be used in making meals;
  • No consumption of any food in the kitchen;
  • No smoking or drinking of alcohol;
  • No use of bad language, or playing of offensive music;
  • No inappropriate clothing is to be worn in the service area;
  • Only vegan meals will be served to volunteers;
  • No consumption of meat, fish, eggs or dairy products is allowed in the dining area

More details of FFL’s standards of contact can be found in the FFL Volunteer Handbook (PDF).

Food for Life Global LOGO

PrasadamDas2014LOGO-72The Food for Life Global (Prasadam das) logo belongs to Food for Life Global and only affiliates of FFLG can use this logo, and that means none of the prasadam distributed can contain commercial dairy. FFLG does NOT support any kind of violence. Our goal is to share the PURIST FOOD possible, and commercial dairy is NOT in any way pure. So if you use commercial dairy, you cannot use our logo.