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Student Entrepreneur Giving Back to the Community


The Motivate and Inspire Educational Academy opened couple month ago in Forsyth County has already helped students attain their academic goals. It is quickly becoming a tremendous success because middle-school students relate well to their high school instructors. Perhaps the most fascinating and impressive concept about the academy is its owner and founder, Anirudh Bikmal,… Read More »

FFL Annamrita’s food dispatch process is something to admire


Everyday, 258 cooks prepare wholesome meals in 20 Annamrita kitchens and 301 vehicles carry hope and promise to over a million children in 6288 schools across India.After the raw materials have been procured, the rice cleaned and the cooking completed, the next challenge is the dispatch process. How to get so many meals out to the… Read More »

Meet Food for Life volunteer KRS-One

KRS-One Explains Early Hare Krishna Affiliation And Changing His Name

KRS-One Explains Early Hare Krishna Affiliation And Changing His Name by RASHAD PHILLIPS | Source: http://www.hiphopdx.com/ Posted June 15, 2012 at 1:00AM EST | 21 comments In an exclusive outtake from Ice-T(TM)s oeArt Of Rap documentary, KRS-One explains how helping feed the homeless led to a few name changes. While he answers to many aliases—“Blasmaster” and “The Teacha” to name… Read More »

Food for Life in Japan – Week 4

May 8th, Sunday (Miyagi, Japan) — FFL Global in Japan once again served two delicious vegetarian curries, paratha (flatbread), salad, cakes, and hot rice to more than 550 Japanese survivors in Miyagi. The program was sponsored by IJAJ (Indian Jewelry Association of Japan). “Our plan is to continue this effort unabated,” said FFL Director for Japan, Shrikant Shah. “Next… Read More »