With roots dating back to 1974, Food for Life Global is an international network of vegan food reliefs, health, wellness  and education services. Our mission is the united the world through pure food. Learn more

FeedKidsFeed Children

For as little as $1 you can help us provide a freshly cooked vegan meal to 4 children!Food for Life Global and its affiliates in over 60 countries take proven, low-cost methods to save children’s lives and help them regardless of ethnicity. Learn more…

FFLGemergencyreliefEmergency Relief

Food for Life Global affiliates have been first responders in some of the world’s greatest natural and man-made disasters, including the great Asian tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina, the 2011 tsunami in Japan and the refugee crisis in Europe. Learn more…

JASanimalsAnimal Rescue

With Food for Life Global’s mission of creating equality extends to helping the most exploited and marginalized species on the planet, farm animals bred for food. Learn more…


Donate For Children

In India, Nepal, South Africa, Haiti and all over the world, children ...

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Donate For Animals

Donating to one of Food for Life Global’s sheltered animals at ...

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Volunteering for any non-profit can be extremely rewarding both person...

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