Food for Life Global supports projects that are in line with our aims and objectives. We are partnering with A Well-Fed World, a 501(c)3 charitable organization and have no legal affiliation with any religious institution.

Check out the guidelines for starting your own Food for Life project.

The following list of projects are affiliated with Food for Life Global and thus we encourage the public to support them. However, it should be noted that Food for Life Global only financially supports projects that are 100% vegan, of which most of these projects are. If you are concerned about your donation supporting a non-vegan project, please be assured that FFLG only provides grants to vegan projects.

Food DistributionAbidjan
Food DistributionAccra
Food DistributionAgartala
Food DistributionAhmedabad, India
Food DistributionAlaminos
Food DistributionAnnamrita Food for Life
Food DistributionFood for All - Aldenham
Food DistributionAllahabad, India
Organic Eco FarmParadise of the Pandavas Organic Farm - Brazil
Food DistributionAmsterdam
Food DistributionAntwerp
Food DistributionAravade
Food DistributionAuckland, New Zealand
Food DistributionAustin, USA
Food DistributionBahau
Food DistributionBangalore, Sri Jagannath Mandir, India
Food DistributionBelgaum
Food DistributionBelo Horizonte
Food DistributionBerkeley, USA
Food DistributionBhubaneswar, India
Food DistributionBirmingham, UK
Food DistributionBishkek
Food DistributionBoise, USA
Food DistributionBogota, ColombiaFacebook
Food DistributionBoston, 79 Waite Street Ext., Unit # 64, Malden, MA - 02148, USA
Food DistributionBratislava
Food DistributionBudapest, Hungary
Food DistributionBuenos Aires, ArgentinaFacebook
Food DistributionBukit Mertajam
Food DistributionCalgary
Food DistributionCape Town, South AfricaWeb site
Eco FarmCarriere, Mississippi
Food DistributionChamorshi
Food DistributionChennai, India
Food DistributionChicago, USA
Food DistributionChita, India
Food DistributionChile, South AmericaFacebook
Food DistributionChittagong
Food DistributionChosica
Food DistributionVilla Carlos Paz - CórdobaFacebook Page
OrphanageGokulam - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Food DistributionColumbus
Food DistributionCrane
Food DistributionDallas, USA
Food DistributionDebe
Working Villages InternationalDem. Rep.
Food DistributionDenpasar
Food DistributionDenver, USA
Food DistributionDhaka - Swamibag
Food DistributionDhaka - Wari
Food DistributionDnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Food DistributionDublin, IrelandGovindas
Food DistributionDurban, South Africa
Food DistributionEger
Food DistributionEkaterinburg, Russia
Food DistributionFloripa, BrazilWebsite
Food DistributionFortaleza
Food DistributionGaboronne
Food DistributionGadeigiri
Food DistributionGainesville, USA
Food DistributionGhaziabad
Food DistributionGovardhana, India
Food DistributionGuadalajara MX
Food DistributionGuayaquil, EcuadorFacebook
Paramatama Vegan Animal SanctuaryGuasca,
Food DistributionHeidelburg, Germany
Food DistributionHelsinki
Food DistributionHong KongFacebook
Food DistributionHonolulu, USA
Food DistributionHouston, USA
Food DistributionHyderabad, Russia
Food DistributionImphal
Food DistributionIrkutsk, Russia
Food DistributionIvanovo
Food DistributionJaipur, India
Food DistributionJos
Food DistributionKampala
Food DistributionKansas City, USA
Food DistributionKazan
Food DistributionKecskemet
Food DistributionKiev, Ukraine
Food DistributionKolkata, India
Food DistributionKollur
Food DistributionKrasnodar, Russia
Food DistributionKrasnoyarsk, Russia
Food DistributionKuala Lumpur
Food DistributionKulaura
Food DistributionKumasi
Food DistributionKurukshetra
Food DistributionLabasa
Food DistributionLagos - Ajao
Food DistributionLeicester, UK
Food DistributionLenasia
Food DistributionLima, Peru
Food DistributionLisbon
Food DistributionLjubljana
Food DistributionLome
Food DistributionLondon City, UK
Food DistributionLongdenville
Food DistributionLos Angeles, USA
Food DistributionMadrid, Spain
Food DistributionMadurai
Food DistributionManchester, UKWebsite
Food DistributionManila, Philippines
Food DistributionMalaysiaFacebook
Food DistributionMauritiusWebsite
Food Distribution, schoolingMayapur, India
Food DistributionMexico City
Food DistributionMiami, USA
Medical Care and FoodBhaktivedanta Hospital - Thane, India
Food DistributionMississippi, USA
Food DistributionMoscow, Russia
Mid Day MealsMumbai, IndiaWebsite
Food DistributionMumbai Juhu, India
Food DistributionNagpur, India
Food DistributionNairobi, KenyaFacebook
Food DistributionNellore
Food Distribution (The Sanctuary)New York (Lower East)
Vegetarian Education (Nava Atlas)New York
Mid Day MealNew Delh, IndiaWeb site
Food DistributionNew Delhi Punjabi Bagh, India
Food DistributionNew Delhi (Glory of India Temple), India
Education and FeedingNorth Carolina (ISKCON) supporting Food for Life School in Govardhan, INDIAWeb site
Food DistributionNijni Novogorod, Russia
Food DistributionNoida
Food DistributionOdessa, Ukraine
Food DistributionOmsk, Russia
Food DistributionOttawa, Canada
Krishna KitchenOhio, USA Food DistributionPanama
Food DistributionPandharpur
Food DistributionPatna
Food DistributionPecs
Food DistributionPenang
Food DistributionPerm, Russia
Food DistributionPerth, Australia
Food DistributionPhoenix, Mauritius
Food DistributionPietermeritzburg, South Africa
Food Distribution (Programa Alimentos para Vida)Pindamonhangaba, Sao Paulo
Food DistributionPorto, Portugal
Food DistributionPretoria
Food DistributionPuri Bhakti Kuti, India
Food DistributionRecife
Food DistributionRegina
Food DistributionRiga, Latvia
Food DistributionRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Food DistributionRostov-on-Don, Russia
Food DistributionRotterdam
Food DistributionRovno
Food DistributionSamara, Russia
Food DistributionSan Diego, USA
Food DistributionSan Jose, Costa Rica
Food DistributionSan Salvador
Food DistributionSao Paulo, Brazil
Food DistributionSantiago
Food DistributionSanto Domingo
Food DistributionSaratov, Russia
Food DistributionSeattle, USA
Food DistributionSecunderabad
Food DistributionSepton-Durbuy
Food DistributionSeremban
Food DistributionSilchar
Food DistributionSiliguri
Food DistributionSlovenia
Food DistributionSochi, Russia
Food DistributionSomogyvamos
Food DistributionSt. Petersburg, Russia
Food DistributionSungei Petani
Food DistributionSurat
Food DistributionSwansea
Food DistributionTaiping, Taiwan
Food DistributionTeluk Intan
Food DistributionThiruvananthapuram, India
Food DistributionTimisoara
Food DistributionTiraspol
Food DistributionTirupati, India
Food DistributionToronto, Canada
Food DistributionUdhampur
Vegetarian DiningUSA -
Food DistributionUnited Kindgom
Food DistributionUlan-Ude
Food DistributionVadodara
Food DistributionVallabh Vidyanagar
Food DistributionVancouver, Canada
Food DistributionVaranasi, India
Food DistributionVijayawada
Food DistributionVilnius
Food DistributionVishakhapatnam, India
Food DistributionVitebsk, Russia
Food DistributionVladimir, Russia
Food Distribution, schooling, medical careFFL - Vrindavan, India
Cow SanctuaryCare for Cows - Vrindavan,
Food DistributionWarangal
Food DistributionWarri
Food DistributionWashington DC
Food DistributionWhangarei, New ZealandWeb site
Food DistributionWilliamsburg, USA
Food DistributionYaroslavl, Russia
Food DistributionZagreb, Croatia